Planter’s little tin box




Do you know Planter’s?

Planter’s is an Italian Brand, worldwide recognized for its high quality and natural cosmetic products, with respect to human health and environment.

The skin care ranges are formulated by carefully selected natural ingredients, not tested on animals, safe on skin.

The product I know pretty well is the Aloe Vera Repairing Cream Natural and Young, a Face-Hands-Body moisturizer which smells AMAZING, works very well for all skin types, especially on hands and body.

I have used it a lot as aftersun cream this summer and it does perfectly the job.

Personnally, I have never used it on my face so I can’t really tell how it works on face. The texture is thick but smooth and it is quickly absorbed.

It contains simple products like: aloe vera barbadensis, karité butter, rice oil, linseed oil, St. John’s Wort oil, sweet almond oil, and is: PARABEN FREE, SILICONE FREE, PEG FREE, ALCOHOL FREE, PETROLATUM FREE, ALLERGEN FREE FRAGRANCES, NO ANIMAL-DERIVED RAW MATERIALS, LANOLIN FREE, NICKEL TESTED, DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED.

Plus, the packaging is cute and colorful, easy to carry everywhere so very practical.

Average price: 10.50 euros  which is affordable.


RATE: 7.5/10


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